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Stillness and effortlessness

In this post I'd like to talk about a very important, but sometimes neglected principle of Yoga and Martial Arts: stillness and effortlessness. A famous quote from Bruce Lee:" Seek motion in stillness and stillness in motion" Is it possible to move without effort? To sit still...

our first blog


Hi guys! So, it took me some time to figure out how to actually post a blog…and I guess it works!

In this series we will fill you in with everything we experience during our 6 months trip through India, Indonesia, Japan and New Zealand. Expanding on the subject of yoga, martial arts and spirituality.

We will leave Holland on the 5th January, and first fly to Goa, India. We return there after almost one year. This time accompanied by our little child, Jesah. He will be 11 months old then and will start his walking adventure on the warm sands of Goa! How nice is that?