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our first blog


Hi guys! So, it took me some time to figure out how to actually post a blog…and I guess it works!

In this series we will fill you in with everything we experience during our 6 months trip through India, Indonesia, Japan and New Zealand. Expanding on the subject of yoga, martial arts and spirituality.

We will leave Holland on the 5th January, and first fly to Goa, India. We return there after almost one year. This time accompanied by our little child, Jesah. He will be 11 months old then and will start his walking adventure on the warm sands of Goa! How nice is that?
Michelle and myself will take some time to relax from a very turbulent and challenging 2017. We were forced to leave our home in Landsmeer, and had to decide what to do next… look for another apartment around amsterdam, move to another place? Or simply sell all our belongings, and take a dive into a worldwide adventure!

That sounded to the both of us as the best plan, so we are now in the process of selling everything. I can’t tell you how satisfying and relaxing it is to find out actually how ‘worthless’ all our material belongings are. Not completely worthless because we get some money from selling it, and this gives us more comfort in the coming months. But finding out what you really need, finding out how little you actually need, that is truly rewarding. An empty house equals an empty mind…at least to us!

In the coming weeks we will visit good friends and say goodbye. A great opportunity to have some quality time and express our gratitude for having them as our friends. it is when you part, that you realize from what or whom you are parting.

Not everything we leave behind is sweet though. My father passed away in June this year, and it accelerated a process of distancing from my family. I realized more and more that I have a different opinion about most things. So, the fact that we have to leave town, and I want some distance from family, helped us in our decision to fill our backpack and start moving…!





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