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Acupressure healing is based on Japanese Shiatsu, which as its origin in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but its fundamentals is expanded with the Indian knowledge of the Chakras and the Nadis.

The general idea is that Ki/Qi/Prana (Life Energy) runs throughout the body through Nadis/Meridians/Energy channels. Not only does it run inside the physical body, the subtle energy permeates outside the body as well. It is believed the direction of energy actually is from outside to inside.

Trauma, health issues, food, environment, beliefs, accidents, even karma is said to influence the Prana and can block certain Nadis, resulting in physical issues, emotional and mental problems.

The application of Acupressure can help to remove the blockages and make free the pathway of healing energy.

The treatment is usually given while the clients is wearing comfortable clothing and is lying on a massage-table or a futon.

The treatment

A first diagnose is acquired through asking questions, a diagnose from the wrist and/or a scanning of the chakras. Then the client is asked to lay on the table either face-up or -down. 

The pressure is given bij the hands, fingers, arms and sometimes knees and feet. The pressure can differ a lot; sometimes only a laying on of hands is all that is required, sometimes a firm pressure is needed.

Although the diagnose is the fundament for the session, during the treatment it is possible other action is needed.

Sometimes questions are asked, and the client is always invited to give feedback or share their findings.

It is important to safeguard a safe and comfortable atmosphere, one where a connection can de made between healer and client. Sometimes music and incense helps. Honesty and transparency from both is almost a required tool to enhance the healing process.


The treatment where Acupressure is combines with Pranic Healing is, from our own experiences, a very effective method to tackle many issues, physically and otherwise. 

Here the healing is given by 2 therapist who each do their part.


60 minutes   € 75,00

90 minutes combination healing   € 115,00