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Travellers and changes

*** Travellers & Changes *** By Michelle Tarenskeen

11.30 PM Chris: ” If you are still awake why you aren’t start blogging again?”
Me: ” Yes, but it’s in the middle of the night and the screen will wake me up even more…”
Chris: ” Yes it’s in the middle of the night here, but it’s always somewhere daytime too… ”

Thats true…

I was doubting to start blogging… But while landing again on this beautiful but changing island, i realized it’s nice to share our experiences.

After a quite hectic and busy time in the Netherlands, with a lot changes again, its now time to slow down and go on ‘retreat’ our selves..

We often hear: “ohh, so nice you are going on a long holiday! I’m jealous, I wish I could do that!” Yes, it’s true. We are very blessed and i feel very grateful that we have the opportunity to travel so much and discover the world. Looking for a place where we can land.. Where we feel grounded, connected, where we are coming home. But on the other side… after one week of ‘holiday ‘ .. LIFE just continues.. we feel no tourists anymore (even if we are for the locals). Living in a very simple basic family house.. eating with the locals and actually avoiding the crowded touristic places. Because we wouldn’t survive if we act like we are tourist for 3 months. Yes, it is definitely possible to travel for a longer time of period. But you have to change your lifestyle ..( If you compare it with the holiday–standards in Europe)

We landed in Bali, Canggu, first this year. And to be honest, I was quite in shock! So much changed in just one year. Places which were once so calm and peaceful, changed quickly into huge 4 star hotels, big nightclubs, expensive restaurants, boutiques etc. not to speak about the 24 hours completely jammed roads .. i felt really strange this first week. Is this why we flew the long journey for? See the beautiful nature and rice paddies, only to be replaced and destroyed by this?

This is the time where we don’t teach but have more time for our self practice..
I started my yoga practice again at a beautiful yogastudio were they still teach traditional Hatha yoga classes, according to the sutras of Patanjali. I go to a small gym where they teach a lot of dance classes as well. Which brought me back to my first passion! And yes… I feel happy when the body can move during dancing! Or when the mind can be still after a yoga class..

On the island you have beautiful sunsets everyday. But also the beaches which were once quiet with only a few surfers.. are now full of tourist crowds. So we decided to take the scooter and just start to drive to the North. At some point just take a left side.. and connected to the “nature of Bali” again….. surrounded by green rice fields, palm trees and the locals working on the paddies.. Yes now I can breath again!

We discovered a hidden treasure .. close to a Hindu temple; a rocky beach we enjoyed a beautiful quiet sunset!

I realized that most beautiful places sometimes pops up unexpectedly , unplanned.. undiscovered, without google maps

Michelle Tarenskeen

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