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Welcome to PranaKi

Michelle and Christian on their own were already respected teachers and healers, each in their own field of work. When they became a love-couple and started combining forces, a big shift happened.

Michelle is a professional Pranic Healer, dancer and Yoga teacher. Her genuine and loving approach to these subjects, combined with her soothing voice, has led many students into a state of peace.

Christian‘s practical and sometimes funny way of explaining the ways of both a Yogi and a Ninja always attracted many students to his classes and workshops. Next to this, when it comes to treating clients through Shiatsu, another part of him is expressed.

Their company name is ‘PranaKi’ which is comprised of two words with the same meaning: Life Energy. Prana is the Sanskrit word and Ki is the Japanese equivalent.

So…What can you expect in their classes, retreats or treatments?

An atmosphere of transparency, honesty and an unconditional love for all existence.


Connect to the Source…

Pranaki Healing

Pranic Healing & Shiatu

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3 Years ago I was told by my gynaecologist that I have PCOS, explaining that for me it would be impossible to get pregnant in a natural way. After a workshop I received a treatment from both Michelle and Christian. To our big surprise it turned out I was pregnant! My partner and myself are super-excited and I am extremely grateful to you both for this life-changing experience! And I still feel this gratitude everyday.. With love,
Pranic Shiatsu Treatment
Thank you Michelle, Chris and sweet Jesah from the bottom of my heart! <3 You truly created something amazing you changed my life Xxx
Conscious Community
Thank you for your attention, being present with me and your loving skills during the treatment I received. all the focus-points we came across are resolving; they are being seen again! There is more space now, more room to flow. I am enjoying my work again! I even see the first baby-steps towards the workplace of my dreams. With a joyful, free and blissful heart I wish you all the best.
Pranic Shiatsu treatment